I’m writing this article looking out at a desert landscape, a wide open, dusty plain, peppered with browns and greens, cradled in a circle of mountains that surround us in all directions.

I’m sitting in my retired-ambulance-turned-mobile-tiny-home, and the wind is blowing through our windows as my cat, Diego, positions himself to catch the scent on every passing breeze.

Talking about this is what I do for work. This is my home. This is my reality. And I built all of it. With a lot of help from my partner, that is.

If you’d told me even just two years…

As a transformational lifestyle coach, I work with clients who sometimes expect that there is that one, magical action they need to take to start living the life of their dreams. If they can *just* quit their job, if they can *just* travel more, etc. — then life will be what they want.

In truth, change takes more than “just” having the courage to take the leap into a new way of life. There’s a commitment to a lot more work around that. Real and lasting change takes making real shifts in actions (what you’re doing), behaviors (how you’re doing…

Powerful, lesser-known coaching outcomes, and why now might be the time to go after them.

After the ruthless year that is 2020, we’re in the dark and looking desperately for some light. If you’ve never considered asking for help to get you on the right track and living a life you love, 2020 may have convinced you that you need a change right now. That now is the time.

Before we dig into why, I want to address some questions you might have about this whole “coaching” deal.

“What IS coaching?”

Answer: A coach is a partner on your road to transformation. Coaching facilitates a client-led process of deeper self-discovery while co-creating your plans to…

When I say anyone can learn to be more creative, I mean anyone. Even me, as I sit here feeling much less creative than usual, trying to write about creativity! I’ll ask you to simply commit to the process, alongside me, and get more creative by the end of this post. Deal?

What is creativity? You may bring to mind artists and musicians, people with visible creative skills that a technically-skilled person looks at thinking, “I could never be creative like that.”

True, maybe you can’t produce a creative work of art or music. But that’s only a specific type…

Setting a start date seems like the rational place to begin working toward your goals. And for the most part, that start date does need to be in place in order to get you going!

The problem with putting a goal off until Monday or January, however, is that it causes us to expect that just because that date rolls around, our willpower, attitude, and energy will automatically shift. We envision ourselves waking up that day to a brand new life where everything we do is centered around getting to our goals. …

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Mr. Rogers is often referred to as “the nicest person in the world.” In the recent films released about his life, the 2018 documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” and the newly-released, highly-fictionalized flick, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” it became clear to me why it was impossible to grow up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania without knowing who this man was — and how much more there is to learn about and from Fred Rogers.

The new film follows a journalist for Esquire Magazine as he writes the article about Mr. Rogers that the movie would be based on: “Can…

Bethany LB Zabiegalski

Transformational Lifestyle Coach, ACC. Learn more about Beth at theheartwantsadventure.com.

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